Warehouse operations requires continual process improvement to identity and attain efficiencies. We assist our clients by conducting an independent warehouse assessment to identify all areas of potential improvement. We work with our clients to develop focused actionable and sustainable solutions. Some of what we drill into include:


 Profile customer service requirements


 Evaluate and project inventory  requirements


 Map critical workflows


 Create a log of systems, schedules & business processes


 Evaluate customer service levels


 Identify key cost drivers


 Define framework to track, monitor & manage processes


 Review operations staff effectiveness and skill sets.


While the ultimate goal is to get orders delivered on time, our experience and expertise provides concrete solutions to execute the most cost effective way.


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The warehouse is most likely the most expensive asset for a distribution company. Whether you are selecting a new location, increasing locations or are considering consolidating – we have experience in all aspects of warehouse selection.


Site selection which includes feasibility studies.


Analyzing facility costs, labor costs, and shipping (inbound and outbound.)


Configuration planning taking into account workflow needs.


Evaluate TPL and fulfillment options if needed, including transition planning and implementation to the selected service provider.

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Big Data is what everyone talks about – but the challenge is not only having access to the right data, but how do you use it?  After all, we know there is a direct link between using performance metrics to drive financial performance.  Creating a data driven culture can be difficult. The goal of data should be not only that it is useful, but also timely.  Effective decision making with the right analytics can be used to reduce costs, identify revenue opportunities faster than you did before. Blue Pearl works with distribution and warehousing companies to help define the necessary data and corresponding analytics needed to make tangible improvements in their business.  We have worked with clients in helping them gain visibility that translated into efficiencies in labor costs, purchasing power and implement strategic pricing based on segmentation analysis to name a few.


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The warehousing industry has gone through a transformation. Evolving technology and unpredictable, outside factors are just a few of the elements complicating the landscape. So how do consultants fit into this landscape?


We've created a short series of documentary videos to help explain Blue Pearl's view of the Warehousing Industry.



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We are a boutique management and operations consulting firm dedicated to creating customized, research-based solutions for our clients.

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