Strategy at a high level, establishes the roadmap for an organization’s success.  These are the initiatives a company takes to maximize its resources and to grow its business.  It is critical because it aligns the company’s mission, vision and goals.  As part of a strategic exercise – often companies undertake a comprehensive perspective.

Strategy and Business Planning


While we find the days of a five year strategic plan are numbered, the importance of having a strategy is certainly not. In doing so, a company must be able to, objectively, formulate its internal priorities in the context of greater external considerations including competitive and regulatory landscape, customer drivers, economics of global power and innovative operating models.  Blue Pearl works with senior management to develop an overall approach that takes into consideration overall vision, strategic priorities, linking them to business objectives and measurable KPI’s. We work with early stage companies to help them establish initial and early year business plans as well as larger, mature companies to identify potential growth opportunities across the breadth of their business.


Financial Analysis / Metrics


While data analysis is at the core of all our engagements, there are times we have been hired to do a deep dive into the financial metrics of an organization to gain insight into specific performance challenges.  Even though organizations have invested heavy in software and business applications, any collection of data must be driven for its intended use, in addition to being accurate and timely.  We’ve heard many times, if you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.  Successful organizations align strategic priorities, with business objectives and support them with quantifiable KPIs.  Blue Pearl helps implement financial metrics programs that include data collection, analysis & interpretation, dashboard reporting to measure progress across the many layers of the organization.

Competitor Analysis


One of the most important and insightful exercises a company can do is to understand it competitive landscape.  It is often one of the most overlooked, as well, due to limited resources.  Whether launching a company, looking to launch a new product line, or evaluating operations – a competitive analysis is instrumental to building a thoughtful strategy. Our insights and work helps companies reevaluate or develop product, distribution/sales and marketing strategy.  Sometimes the most valuable piece of advice you get for your operations is turning your gaze outwards to gain a competitive advantage.


Merger and Acquisition Analysis


As part of the strategic exercise, companies are looking to realize greater value thru a variety of option which may include looking to enter new markets, achieve economies of scale or to acquire strategic assets. For closely held companies, it may also include exit strategy considerations.  We have also advised startup and early stage companies on creating a funding strategy with external investors.  Blue Pearl’s capital consulting includes:

- Buying or selling a company or asset


- Preparing for due diligence


- Assessing joint venture partners and structures


- Arranging for a funder/investor capital raise





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