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To stay ahead of the market and improve profitability, manufacturers must challenge their thinking to manage uncertainty and elevate performance.  In order to optimize operations, we look across processes, people and technology to assess optimization opportunities. We start with collecting data and using analytics to ask questions. We drill into critical areas of your operations – production and inventory.  We assess production methods and workflow processes, outsourcing considerations, balance that with inventory levels and management.  Furthermore, we analyze various components of the supply chain, including procurement and logistics.  We don’t stop there. We help you create and track key performance metrics to allow for continuous improvement of operations throughout the organization.

Blue Pearl brings the comprehensive hands-on knowledge to look at your business and bring best practices and superior solutions across all aspects of operations consulting.

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Successful lean implementations require a comprehensive approach and not only apply to the shop floor but to all aspects of the business.  We realize an effective lean initiative requires leadership as it’s a management philosophy.  It’s a way of thinking and leadership has to drive the initiative, therefore we get involved with coaching and mentoring from the start. Any lean initiative will have critical components. As different companies may require different approaches, there are, however, common elements that are aimed at improving quality and eliminating waste and improving productivity.


Assessment - Focuses on value stream mapping of current state and future state of processes and production.


Implementation - Requires top down training so that everyone is on the same page.


Measurement – Establishing accurate KPI’s and metrics that measure not only the overall process, but also the specific points in the process that will help isolate improvement areas.


Improvement - Kaizen is all about continuously improving every process in your business.


Blue Pearl works with their clients to formulate a comprehensive roadmap to lean transformation by applying lean principles and other tools to help our clients implement and sustain lean strategies and competitive advantage.

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While operations consulting addresses the cost side of the equation, we know that to remain competitive companies need to be rigorous on the revenue side as well - putting the customer at the heart of the strategy. We help companies to evaluate their product market, analyze competitive landscape, determine pricing strategy and integrate an overall sales strategy that is aligned with business goals.


While some may think production and marketing are two different efforts, the successful manufacturers are the ones that are melding the two.  Market strategy can have a significant impact and drive various production decisions.  Understanding what is the right mix of distributors, online sales or a dedicated sales force can be overwhelming.


We have worked with manufacturers in many different industries to create exceptional results.

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We are a boutique management and operations consulting firm dedicated to creating customized, research-based solutions for our clients.

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