Almost all companies consider “People” to be one of the most important assets, if not the most.  They are the reason for successful implementation of strategies, they can also be the reason for failure to execute.  That’s because new technologies, new processes, new plans all involve “people” to adopt new mindsets and buy-in to make things happen.  We realize a holistic approach incorporating people, processes and systems is necessary to help our clients maximize their strategies.


Succession Planning


It’s difficult to let go of a business after decades of ownership. The possibility of losing customers, profits, or the entire business is real and, understandably, owners will sometimes transfer ownership—but in name only. Blue Pearl has deep experience with closely and family held businesses addressing issues related to not only succession but the broader senior management team.  Additionally, we recognize that leadership development is critical to carry on the founder’s values and mission and maximize asset value.


Organization Consulting


Blue Pearl works with its clients to operate at their full potential by aligning employees' capabilities with the ultimate business goals. We have often been asked to help management “manage” transition.  This often involves leadership coaching, employee or departmental training as well as organizational design.  We find ourselves being asked to come in during:


- Business Process Redesign

- Lean Implementation

- Ownership Expansion/Transition

- M&A Integration



We are a boutique management and operations consulting firm dedicated to creating customized, research-based solutions for our clients.

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