Market Growth


A mid-sized material handling company wanted to grow its revenue by 30% in 18 months, focusing on one of its five primary product lines.  The company believed this product line was the foundation for the future of the company and was willing to focus resources on this line.  They came to Blue Pearl looking for a plan to reach this goal.


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Competitor Analysis


A home products manufacturer had developed a growth plan hinging on increasing volume.  However, as the manufacturer attempted to execute the plan, results did not materialize as expected.  Blue Pearl was brought in to help execute the plan.

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Lean Manufacturing


A large commercial seating manufacturer received an order for 200 custom-made bar stools for each team in the 2014 Super Bowl. The manufacturer rushed the order out the door in time for the game with logos for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. The only problem? The Steelers weren’t playing in the Super Bowl. In fact, they didn’t even make the playoffs.


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BPC was contacted by a client wanting to reduce the cost of acquiring raw materials for its products -- commercial cooling equipment for food service operations. Overseas competition had created price pressure in the company’s customer base, limiting the cost the company could pass on to customers. The client was evaluating outsourcing some of their components to a Chinese manufacturer, but was hesitant to make the move.

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A small commercial product manufacturer came to us to increase efficiency and reduce cost through outsourcing. However, many times there are factors that have nothing to do with cost that must be taken into account. For example, they were a proud Midwestern company and wanted to maintain their roots, as well as the quality of their product.


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Capital Asset Planning


A large printing operation in the Chicagoland area came to Blue Pearl with a challenge that plagues many industries – how to stay competitive in their market with advanced technologies while controlling costs.  The printing industry has been dramatically transformed by both direct online competition and rapidly changing mass production technologies


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Operational Efficiency / Relocation Considerations


A midsized national warehousing company who specialized in the distribution of imported heavy machinery components for construction and maintenance of elevator components was facing a huge challenge to their delivery and profitability goals.  Their elevator maintenance customer base had made a dramatic shift to the east, resulting in increasing costs and decreasing service levels.

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Operational Efficiency / Inventory Management


Imagine you have multiple warehouses across Texas, Georgia and Ohio servicing a Fortune 100 client in the auto industry.

The customer has plants all over the country and so you stock the same part in all of your warehouses, minimizing the delivery time. However, in order to minimize inbound transportation costs, each of your warehouses orders the same exact part from a different vendor and, therefore, this same exact part has multiple SKU codes.

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Operating Margins


A large regional distribution company came to Blue Pearl with a profitability question.  It was a broad question – “How do we become more profitable?”  The CEO believed the issue was internal, that cost-cutting was the answer.  However, Blue Pearl took our usual “no assumptions” approach and left the door open to many options.  We evaluated both sides of the profitability equation – revenue and expenses.


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"One Size Does Not Fit All"

Warehousing Mini-Documentary


Some people need a tablet. Some need a new iPhone with a bigger screen and lots of apps. And some just need a regular phone that can make calls without being interrupted by Angry Birds. Just as with people, tech needs are different for every warehousing organization. This video case study shows how Blue Pearl found the perfect SKU system for a large warehousing client, one that solved existing problems while increasing efficiency and their bottom line.

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Coverage / Code Creation


A client came to us to help her sell a groundbreaking device. While generally safe, one of the most known risks with MRI machines is the “projectile effect”—when magnetic objects on or inside a patient (such as a pacemaker) will be forcefully thrown or pulled by the magnet.


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Code Creation


A client approached Blue Pearl hoping to expand the sales of his medical device. The FDA had already approved the device and there was a CPT code associated with it. However, sales had been stagnant. The client wanted to increase his market share without compromising the design of the device.

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Market Entry Analysis


Very rarely does a company get presented with the opportunity to enter a market that is being created like a blast from a shotgun.  Business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets almost always evolve from a current marketplace and grow over time.  However, regulatory changes are one source that can offer the opportunity of a lifetime if a company is agile enough to seize it.

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Product Market Strategy


One of Blue Pearl’s earliest and most unique clients came to us with a specialized consumer product that had been successfully distributed locally.  But, the company did not have the resources to expand the product to a broader market, despite their local success.

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